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I draw stuff sometimes

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Disney princess in haute couture

Is no one gonna talk about how the song “Hellfire” from hunchback of notre dame is literally judge frollo singing about how he can’t control his raging boner for esmerelda orrrr

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I love how the homes of the Princesses are sprouting up at the parks. Cinderella Castle, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Rapunzel’s tower, and the New Fantasyland editions of Ariel Palace by the Sea and Belle and Beasts Enchanted Castle. I still would love to see Snow Whites Castle!!! She was the first Disney Princess and should be honored by having a Castle Built to her name in her honor. I would also love to see Aladdin and Jasmin’s Palace from Agraba. Aladdin Oasis in Adventureland isn’t cutting it… Too bad there isnt an World Fair style place where you can see the homes of all the Disney Royalty. Kind of like the Storybook Land ride but real….